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The Kalinga people have a warrior tradition. Since time immemorial, when peace-pacts between their villages broke down, they fought each other. They fought the Spanish, remaining independent through three centuries of colonialism. They fought the Japanese and, more recently. found themselves in conflict with the Marcos government, trying to stop the exploitation of their tribal lands. Many aspects of their society and culture are defined by war and peace.

At the time of my visit Kalinga the conflicts in Kalinga continued. A signifcant area in Kalinga was under the control of the communist aligned New People's Army (NPA). Some of the 40 or so Kalinga 'tribes' had split from the NPA, forming a peace-pact with Cory Aquino and establishing the Cordillera People's Liberation Army. Other areas were aligned with the government, protected by Citizens Armed Forces Geographical Units (CAFGUs). All villages effectively have their own armies and were either in a state of 'peace' or 'war' with each other, depending on the vagaries of their political alignments and traditional feuds. 

Click here for a 12 minute history of confict in Kalinga. 

A more detailed account the politics of Kalinga, explaining how they the people 'radicalised', during the 1970's and 80's can be downloaded
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